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All products, shipping costs and custom packaging are not included in the subscription price.


Signature Monthly-club (one shipment per month)

$25/month or $240/year 

4 to 8 drinks of 500ml or less, or 

2 to 4 bottles of wine, or 

1 to 2 bottles of spirit 

Cigars on request. 

Premium membership (one shipment per month)

$75/month or $720/year 

Up t0 24 drinks of 500ml or less, or 

4 to 12 bottles of wine, or 

3 to 6 bottles of spirit.

You can also make a mix of all categories (details on request). 

Cigars on request.  

You can request a specific product that you would like us to seek out for you. 


Exclusive membership (as many shipments as you want) we ship in max 72 hours of your request. 

$225/month or $2160/year 

All the premium perks as often as you want.

Custom packaging (branding) on request. 

Personal Membership

  •  Products, custom packaging, and shipping are not included in any membership. You must certify to be of legal age in the province or territory of residence to become a member. Signature and Premium membership, we prepare your order in the first week of each month.

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