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Our priority is to establish a relationship of trust with you and your satisfaction is very important. We get you the products you really want. You must certify that you are of legal age in the province or territory of residence to become a member.


Personal Membership

Signature Monthly-club (one shipment per month)

$25/month or $240/year 

4 to 8 drinks of 500ml or less, or 

2 to 4 bottles of wine, or 

1 to 2 bottles of spirit 

Cigars on request. 

Premium membership (one shipment per month)

$75/month or $720/year 

Up t0 24 drinks of 500ml or less, or 

4 to 12 bottles of wine, or 

3 to 6 bottles of spirit.

You can also make a mix of all categories. 

Cigars on request.  

You can request a specific product that you would like us to seek out for you. 


Exclusive membership (as many shipments as you want) we ship in max 72 hours of your request. 

$225/month or $2160/year 

All the premium perks as often as you want.

Custom packaging (branding) on request. 

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership contact us for more information.

Bouteilles de vin
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